S-coins on The Blockchain – FINALLY!

S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!

From: New Coinspace News <news@coinspace.eu>
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 1:03 AM
To: Bob
Subject: Blockchain Conversion has Begun ðŸ˜ƒ Login into your CS Wallet to convert yours.

S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!

Dear <<First Name>>, 

When you log into your Coinspace Wallet you have now the ability to start the transfer of your Tokens to the Blockchain.

Steps for the conversion and transfer.

1. You must upload Myetherwallet address. Coinspace needs your private secure myetherwallet address from you (it needs to be sent (copy-pasted and doublechecked) to your back-office account. After you send us your secure myetherwallet address, coinspace will be able to distribute the tokens to the blockchain (to your private unique address on that blockchain). The sooner you provide us your address the quicker you could receive your tokens on the blockchain.  The instructions on how to do that will follow this newsletter or can be found now at:

Coinspace recommends using the official myetherwallet application located at: 
https://www.Myetherwallet.Com. Using any other wallet could result in loss of your coins.  

We are glad to send you some really exciting news, so please ensure that you have completed all the steps below.

a.    KYC completed
b.    Your Proof of payment sent to Coinspace (which cannot be a screenshot of your ewallet)
c.    Successfully setting up your myetherwallet
d.    Uploading your myetherwallet in your coinspace wallet.
7. Login into you Wallet and Convert your Coins.

If you have not completed all steps above you are risking for not being in the first conversion batch to the blockchain and you are taking the risk of potentially losing your coins. All Accounts will be verified and released once they are clean according to the Coinspace terms and conditions.
If any questions you can use our support channels and we will try to help you A.S.A.P.

The Coinspace Merchant program Beta is about to be released and Coinspace will begin rolling out our test program and packages into new markets soon. We have just finished testing the program with some test merchants and the tests were extremely positive as it includes usage of the newest technology and latest and most advanced payment system on the market and the possibility of the future use of the coins as the medium for payment around the globe.

As you know such process can not be achieved over the night, therefore we are carefully advancing towards our goal which is the use of the Tokens on the market while addressing all the guidelines of the regulators around the globe (where this is possible). As you may know Malta is one of the first countries around the world who adopted such guidelines in the early stage of the blockchain adoption and we are more than happy that we chose our operations there.

More documentation will be soon seen in our officially released Whitepaper which will among others include all the necessary guidelines and measures and where you will be able to see how and where our company will be positioned in the near future.

With all the exciting news and expansion our vision will continue to grow as the Company expands to new and exciting markets and toward new opportunities and values.

Copyright © 2018 Coinspace LTD, All rights reserved.

S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!
S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!
S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!
S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!
S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!

S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!

S-coins On The Blockchain - FINALLY!

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