The Latest Update From CoinSpace (official email out to Members 17/11/2017)

We encourage you to think and act in your own best interest.

Dear Coinspace Member,

We encourage you to think and act in your own best interest.

Coinspace has been releasing some amazing and positive news about the roll out of the coin on the blockchain.

When such exciting and positive news is released there are those with their own agenda that attempt to put a negative spin on things to promote an alternative agenda. There have been those who have violated Coinspaces Procedures and Policies joined and started other ventures who now realize what they are going to lose for not believing in Coinspace and its’ vision. These individuals now are creating sites even ones in their own name for the sole purpose of confusing and misleading others. Think of the timing of when they left? Think of where many of them have gone put the puzzle together and you too might realize the true hidden agenda. These sites twist the truth to an alternate story that benefits them and their agenda. In the near future, you will see what the true agenda of these individuals really are. The fake stories created are from those who benefited and were involved in the areas that most of the fraud was done to cheat you and the company out of millions and now they are attempting to be paid more on that fraud and trying to justify their fake ranks.

If you are honest and paid for your package, why are they so scared for you to disclose whom and how you paid? If anyone tells you to not claim your package or to not provide the proof, so you can receive your coins on the blockchain, ask yourself what is a reason behind their doing so? Are they looking after your or THEIR interest? They even question MailChimp, which was ranked No. 7 on the Forbes Cloud 100 top rated companies, that Coinspace uses to deliver this and all messages to our members for over a year claiming it has tracking in it. They are telling you, “Don’t open”. Why are they scared for you to be informed? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? Why would they not want you to see the information? Going so far as to create a fake scare, so that you are not informed?

Coinspace is moving forward with its’ vision and we invite all of you to join us in telling the truth.

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  1. Muhammad Merican - November 28, 2017 at 8:04 pm Reply

    what the fuck ??? how come scoin will goes live in blockslchain while this coin arent listed in ICO??? then now is 28/11 and several days aare left!!!! no update ..keep silence ?

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