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CoinSpace - One World. One Currency.


a minimum risk and maximum security because you exclusively own several crypto- currencies. WE minimized all the RISKS AND INCREASED THE SECURITY TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL.


OUR UNIQUE system PROVIDES YOU your own PRODUCTION of CRYPTO-CURRENCIES We offer the opportunity FOR YOU to become the owner of YOUR OWN mining-system for several currencies (until now it was only available for large enterprises)


you also a complete service: with ownership of the system you get also the IT staff who will carryout mining for you. FUTURE is in your hands. WITH US: you are literally creator of YOUR own money for YOUR future.

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What we offer you? Cloud mining for you.


The Ease Of Being A Coinspace Member


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Profit Shares, Shares, Trading Exchange


CoinSpacE offers you an easy and safe way to buy on-demand hashpower without having to deal with the complex hardware and software setup.


We offer the following transaction services

  • Mobile

    Anywhere Anytime With Cell Service

  • Paper Wallet

    Paper Currency

  • Tablet

    Fast. Secure. Convenient

  • Computer

    Comfort. Secure. Control

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What Others Are Saying About The Buzz Around SCoin...

Mike C

Retired Engineer

Coinspace has given us what we need and has given us the freedom that we want.

David S

Entrepreneur/Software Developer

The major benefit of this business is building my wealth long term and seeing the euros hitting my account everyday!

John P

Full Time Coinspace Representative

I saw the presentation, I saw the vision and i jumped right onboard. No hesitations at all!

 My CoinSpace Review
 – Scam or Legit Business?

Welcome to my CoinSpace Review!


There has been some buzz about this new company so I decided to investigate what it was all about…


Maybe someone approached you about this company or maybe someone messaged you on social media and now you have questions…


Well, you came to the right place because in this blog post I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.


There are so many opportunities out there and sometimes it can be tough to see which ones actually work.


Before I get started, I just want to ask you to pay close attention to the words on this post because It can be the difference between making the right or wrong decision.


CoinSpace Review – The Company


CoinSpace Review


CoinSpace Reviews


I wish I could talk about the leadership here but there is NO information out there.


I decided to to find out who actually owns the website of CoinSpace…


Danjel Pawl popped up and the domain was registered March 11th 2015.


Also the address is different compared to the site even though both are in Malta.


Pawl is only connected to CoinSpace by owning the domain, but it’s still not clear if he actually runs the show…

In Melbourne, Australia in July, there was a huge Australian Coinspace rally

witwith 2 of the Directors of the Coinspace from Germany in attendance.

Very positive feedback, much more information & growth to follow over the next few months, including Coinspace is linking up with a global monetary processor, who requires 100,000+ members for their unique 1st time release of their software to operate properly, so January 2017 is now Lauch target.


Anyway, let’s take a look at the products…


CoinSpace Reviews – The Products


CoinSpace cloud mines cryptocurrency and trades for you…


I am a big fan of cryptocurrency personally…


I see more and more of these kind of companies are popping up.


BitCoin is reallyanother legit way to go in this space…

Check out these links to help your Education about Crypto Currencies:





However even their stocks have fluctuated a lot since they first started in 2009.

So early investors have made fortunes on the rise in pre-launch @USD$0.02 per coin, peaking in 2013 @ $1242.00pc , then leveing off in normal trading 2016 @$600.00pc today.

In 2012 the price grew from $5 to $13. In 2013 from $13 to $800 to $1200. If we make a similar jump in 2016/7, we come to the (crazy) price of $1500-$10,000 per bitcoin over the next few years???.

For this the Bitcoin value only has to continue its trend.

Likewise with the Coinspace- scoin.

Originally pre-launching in 2015 for 0.5 Euro, now currently you can sell s-coins at 0.79 Euro in Pre-Launch.

All commissions have also been honoured since early 2015.


Anyway, once you sign up, you can invest in their offered packages and participate in the CoinSpace opportunity.


Bundled with each package, you get S-Coin points:


  • Minimum Mine – 30 S-Coins
  • Basic Mine – 100 S-Coins
  • Quarter Mine – 250 S-Coins
  • Half Mine – 500 S-Coins
  • Full Mine – 1000 S-Coins
  • Double Mine – 2000 S-Coins


Each S-Coin is worth €0.79 EUR each.


Next, let’s take a look at their compensation plan…


CoinSpace – The Compensation plan


Essentially, this is a network marketing & crypto currency mining company…


So that means when you sponsor people in the business that buy a product pack you earn commissions…


I actually found a video explaining this business and comp plan.


Go ahead and watch it below…


But before you do, I want to let you know that I do endorse this video…


Overall, the compensation plan is very fair & potentially lucrative, if the participant puts in the effort to work the business…

However there is no pressure to work the business side, and participants can choose to be miners only.



Cost To Join CoinSpace


You can purchase one of six packages when you first get started…


  • Minimum Mine – €300 EUR
  • Basic Mine – €700 EUR
  • Quarter Mine – €1500 EUR
  • Half Mine – €3000 EUR
  • Full Mine – €6000 EUR
  • Double Mine – €12,000 EUR
  • Ultimate Mine - €24,000 EUR


Double Mine & Ultimate Mine  packages are good for 2 years, the rest expire in a year.


The only difference between these packages is the income potential in their compensation plan…

We are so fortunate to be in the pre_launch of a company like Coinspace as of August 24th 2016.

I just wanted to let you know a couple of things:

1. We will be getting a new car incentive program that will launch in September

2. Along with a new affiliate replicated website.

3. From now on the weekly closing time will be Friday but the payday will be Monday.

The Feedback is POSITIVE PAYERS! - Coinspace has been paying commissions our regularly (on time) for the last 18 months in Pre-Launch

 This thing that I am so excited about is that when you think of Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin right now is $766 Australian dollars.

Just have a look at the coins you have now and you do the maths on what can be accumulated to Launch January 2017 & beyond.

Does it matter if it take 2 years or 3 years to reach that.  NO.

Once we launch you can sell any amount you want when they reach the price that you want.


I have NEVER been so excited about any other business.

Our team is growing so fast.


You know Coinspace has nearly 2000 people joining every day. 

Now that is amazing 60,000+ as of today 22/08/16.

One question I ask you is how many of those are in YOUR team?


CoinSpace Review – The Conclusion




This company is pretty much legit because their only source of income that goes to this company is through mining & affiliate investments and not by any retail sales. Also huge infrastructure with computer banks, online shopping, casinos, merchantt programs and a whole lot more coming post Launch January 2017.

Also the Company are guaranteeing to buy back any coins for sale due to increasing demand @ 1 Euro post Launch (Right now, they are valued at 0.79 Euro at the time of this article 21/08/16 , with many buyers also willing to purchase from the coins from those who have mines already)


And these ROI’s they talk about are again from other peoples investments in this scheme…


Personally, I recommend this business as the next wave or trend in currency.

Like any new opportunity, only invest what you can afford to put at risk!


I hope you enjoyed my CoinSpace Review and if you have questions please leave them in the Contact Us…


Thanks for your time...

See you at the top,




-Bob Fordham

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